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New Distributor with Electronic ignition Fits Volvo 240 assembled & stocked UK

£125.00 (inc VAT) £104.17 (exc VAT)
1,900.00 Grams
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Product Description

Compatible Vehicles
BodyStyleCar MakeCars TypeCars YearVariantModelEngine
SaloonVolvo2.11974P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11974P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11975P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11975P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11975P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11975P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11976P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01976P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11976P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11977P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01977P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11977P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01978P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11978P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01978P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11978P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01979P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11979P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01979P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11979P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01980P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.11980P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01980P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01980P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11980P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11980P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 107HP 79KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01981P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01981P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01981P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11981P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 107HP 79KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01982P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01982P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01982P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11982P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 107HP 79KW (Petrol)
SaloonVolvo2.01983P242, P244 [1974-1993] Saloon2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01983P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11983P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 107HP 79KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.01984P245 [1974-1993] Estate2401986ccm 97HP 71KW (Petrol)
EstateVolvo2.11984P245 [1974-1993] Estate2402127ccm 107HP 79KW (Petrol)

Up Grade to electronic ignition no more cold morning starting problems  and better fuel economy for your Volvo 

All our distributors are assembled in the UK at our Factory In Basildon Essex 

New ultra-spark Electronic Distributor complete with new cap and rotor arm and replaces your points distributor

Easy to fit just two wires to connects to the coil, just connect the Red wire to the + side and the Black to the - side of the coil

Ignition car parts Ltd are one of the largest suppliers of used car parts in the UK we have a full range of car parts for classic and modern vehicles. 

We have a full range of new Reconditioned and used distributors, we also offer a test repair and rebuild service for any distributor.

Not sure if your distributor is faulty, we can test it for you, we do this free just pay the postage back, if faulty we can repair it, it's cheaper than buying a new one 

Please contact us it you cannot find the part you need for your car.

Please send us your registration number and car details if you are not sure this part fits your car

We are here to help any advice you need please contact us it cost nothing to ask 

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