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Ultra Spark Classic Ignition

UltraSpark Classic Ignition

UltraSpark formally Probe Distributors suppling manufacturing and recondition distributor, we have been quietly re-boxing our products for major companies for the last 30 years from our factory in Basildon England.

We can test and repair any distributor; we have over 1000 units in stock for exchange or outright purchase. from classic to modern, from road to racing, we can convert from points to electronic

We can recurve and modify any distributor from points to wasted spark.

You can purchase Ultra Spark distributors new and recondition from



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Electronic ignition for classic and vintage distributors

Ultra spark ignition is the most cost effective ignition system available.

Positive and Negative Earth

This easy to fit system can transform any classic into a reliable everyday mode of transport. Not affected by damp conditions, better fuel Economy, better starting.

Twin Wire type


Single wire type


Easy to fit often only taking 5 minutes, no holes to drill, no complicated wiring, no need to get spark gap or dwell correct as this is automatic and best of all nothing bolted to the outside of the distributor.


These smaller than a match box units fit inside the distributor in the same place as the points, just 2 wires come out from the distributor to the ignition coil.


The system also works with 6V and 12V so great for that old vintage car tractor or boat.


We can make a kit for any type of distributor, we have a full service and repair service, we have over the years converted Boats, fire engines, tractors, fork lifts, and just about every car make you can think of from AC to Zastava (yes that lovely little car from Yugoslavia).


Kits range from only £29, all from stock; Please click here for application list. List


we can fit these at our work shop in Basildon Essex just bring or send your distributor to;


Ignition car Parts ltd

Unit 16 Ilford Trading Est

Paycocke Road


Essex SS14 3DR