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Electronic conversion kit & Coil For Lucas 22D & 25D 6 CLY Distributors

£48.95 (inc VAT) £40.79 (exc VAT)
ICP-EK013-1 dlb105
0.00 Grams
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Product Description

Compatible Vehicles
BodyStyleCar MakeCars TypeCars YearVariantModelEngine
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81970-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81971-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81972-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81973-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81974-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81975-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 2.81969-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.32791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 4.21970-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.34235ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 4.21971-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.34235ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 4.21972-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.34235ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 4.21973-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.34235ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
SaloonDaimlerSovereign 4.21969-- [1969-1993] Saloon2.8 - 5.34235ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
CoupeJaguar3.81961-- [1961-1975] CoupeE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
CoupeJaguar3.81962-- [1961-1975] CoupeE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
CoupeJaguar3.81963-- [1961-1975] CoupeE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
CoupeJaguar3.81964-- [1961-1975] CoupeE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleJaguar3.81961-- [1961-1975] ConvertibleE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleJaguar3.81962-- [1961-1975] ConvertibleE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleJaguar3.81963-- [1961-1975] ConvertibleE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleJaguar3.81964-- [1961-1975] ConvertibleE-Type3781ccm 265HP 195KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401960-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401961-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401962-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401963-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401964-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401965-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401966-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401967-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401968-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401969-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar2401959-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK2483ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401970-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401960-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401961-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401962-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401963-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401964-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401965-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401955-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401966-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401956-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401967-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401968-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401957-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401969-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401958-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3401959-- [1950-1970] SaloonMK3442ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1960-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1961-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1962-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1963-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1964-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1965-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1966-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.8 S1959-- [1950-1969] SaloonMK3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4201967-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 249HP 183KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4201968-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 249HP 183KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4201969-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 249HP 183KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar420G1970-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar420G1966-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar420G1967-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar420G1968-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar420G1969-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21961-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21962-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21963-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21964-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21965-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21966-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21967-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar4.21968-- [1961-1970] SaloonMK X4235ccm 269HP 198KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41963-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41964-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41965-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41966-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41967-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.41968-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3442ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81963-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81964-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81965-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81966-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81967-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar3.81968-- [1963-1968] SaloonS-Type3781ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61962-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61963-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61964-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61965-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61966-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonTriumph1.61967-- [1962-1971] SaloonVitesse1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleTriumph1.61962-- [1962-1971] ConvertibleVitesse Cabriolet1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleTriumph1.61963-- [1962-1971] ConvertibleVitesse Cabriolet1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleTriumph1.61964-- [1962-1971] ConvertibleVitesse Cabriolet1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleTriumph1.61965-- [1962-1971] ConvertibleVitesse Cabriolet1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
ConvertibleTriumph1.61966-- [1962-1971] ConvertibleVitesse Cabriolet1596ccm 70HP 51KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar6 2.81970-- [1968-1996] SaloonXJ2791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar6 2.81971-- [1968-1996] SaloonXJ2791ccm 149HP 110KW (Petrol)
SaloonJaguar6 2.81972-- [1968-1996] Saloon

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